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Anthony C

I have worked with Chris on several jobs over the years and I must say it has been a pleasure. His attention to detail is unmatched. He is truly an asset to any job, and I highly recommend him for any project. You won’t be disappointed.!!!!

Woodworking Wonders

I have worked with Chris for many years. His design ideas will make you want to rebuild your house and not just your kitchen. As a home designer he is an artist in his own right.

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J.D. - A Better Home, LLC

I've been building custom homes for over 20 years. Chris is the best designer I have ever worked with.


In my experience with building projects, in home or business, my time with Chris has been the best.


His thoughts and process, and quality surpass anything I could have imagined.  Also, he is kind and a good man, and always adds the touches that matter the most.

What builders are saying  . . . 


Waxhaw Renovations  

         We have had the pleasure of working with Christopher Ely at Completely Personal Homes over the past few years and have seen a very positive and successful outcome not only for our clients but for our business too.  We are residential contractors that renovate and build homes and although we are able to suggest design elements to our clients, we have decided to actively include Chris into our recommendations for each project as we have seen how well clients respond to his elevated ideas and thus, the overall experience of a major renovation for them.

Chris is more than a designer at hand, he has been a contractor for many years and knows how to work with the client and the contractor to extract every detail that the client is looking for but cannot convey. This in turn makes our work within the project much faster, easier, and fulfilling knowing that our client is getting every aspect of their dream and turning it into their reality.

With his attention to detail from drawings to construction, to design and his ability to work closely with clients on the whole project, us partnering with him has given us the added tools to progress our company and work more efficiently which is ultimately our goal. I would definitely recommend giving Chris a call if you are in the building trade and are looking for someone to elevate what you have to offer to your clients.

Image by Ryan Shumway

Atreum Construction Services


   As a design-build firm, we have collaborated with Christopher on numerous projects. He not only brings his vast knowledge and many years of experience but most of all we get personal attention and comprehensive service that speaks volumes.                                                                        

One of the most noteworthy advantages of collaborating with Christopher is the personal attention and comprehensive service he provides. He goes above and beyond to understand our clients' unique needs and preferences, elevating their overall satisfaction. By incorporating Christopher's design insights and recommendations, our projects have consistently exceeded expectations, leaving our clients thrilled with their space.


Furthermore, Christopher's exceptional commitment to client satisfaction inevitably reflects positively on Atreum Construction Services. When clients express their sheer delight with their newly renovated spaces, it reinforces our company's reputation for delivering top-notch results and ensures continued referrals and glowing recommendations.


So, beyond benefiting our clients, partnering with Christopher undoubtedly contributes to enhancing Atreum's reputation as a trusted and client-centric design-build firm.  It's a win-win situation that allows us to create exceptional spaces while fostering long-lasting relationships with our valued clients.

Pippin Home Design, Inc.

      Thanks to a fortuitous opportunity, we were introduced, and I loved your design philosophy. I immediately knew that you would be a valuable asset on my team of resources, with your building background and varied design expertise.


The very first project you created was for a home with an extra-large kitchen, a professional chef and 9 children.  It was a hit with my clients.  They think their new kitchen is ‘Amazing’ and so do I!  In addition, I’ve seen your creative talents on several amazing existing kitchen transformations. You know how to see the bigger picture, to unite the gathering spaces, along with the kitchen, into one unified living space that people love to be in.

Paul Kowalski 
     I just completed a walkthrough with one of Chris’s clients in Huntersville. I served as the custom builder on the project and helped execute the 3-D realistic plans that Chris created with the clients.
Chris incorporated unique and personal features such as a custom cabinet front for a hidden pantry.  As a builder, there is true joy in watching the homeowner show me the features and describe how the transformed space impacted their everyday life.  Chris’s focus on the client is remarkable and I see it in every finished product. He shares the same passion for the client experience that I do. I am honored to work with him and look forward to the next transformation!
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