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Our Process

"My goal is to provide you with all the tools you need to make great decisions in reaching your remodel goals.


I use my extensive experience in construction, residential design,

value engineering, and interior design to guide you through the

design and remodel process."

                                                                                                     Christopher Ely

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In-Home Design and Consultation

A no obligation 90-minute appointment is usually all it takes to help you get a sense of the possible, the practical, as well as some context and perspective on how to think about and evaluate the pros and cons. 

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As-Built Plans

Detailed measurements and photos are used to capture all existing elements, including room dimensions, window and door locations, mechanical locations, fireplace and built-in elements, millwork details, and key decor elements such as art and furniture pieces.


This provides a solid foundation for developing

your new plan.


Design Stages

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Concept Drawings

A key element of my inspirational design is enabling you to visually feel your makeover to ensure the design has the desired impact on your home - comfort, elation, inspiration, and joy.  

This stage always includes walk-through videos and/or 3D CAD renderings that are photo realistic so you can try out the new space and really get a feel for it  - see your new space from every possible perspective. 

The drawings are presented via Zoom where we can explore together all aspects of the plan. 

This includes a number of iterations as we work our way toward your perfect solution.

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Pre-Construction Drawings

Pre-construction drawings - these drawings include demo and electrical plans, and all of the cross-sections and notes your builder will need for accurate pricing.

Architectural Approval

Many projects require approval from an architectural control committee and this is a key element that I provide. 


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Guiding my clients through the product selection process is something I do for about 50% of my projects.


Beside my knowledge on the products, showrooms, and trends; I bring my expertise in making the process smooth, efficient, and fun.


Decisions are, of course, based on price, function, performance and value - my guidance on the decisions is so they “feel” right and fit perfectly into the holistic design vision of your project. 

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Working Drawings

These are finalized drawings, ready for permit and construction. They often require 24 drawing sheets.

Fuchsia and Orange Geometric Objects
Fuchsia and Orange Geometric Objects

Completely Personal Homes EXPERIENTAL DESIGN

Servicing the Greater Charlotte area

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