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I love my kitchen so much, I don't even want to go out to eat.

After dinner, Ted and the two boys always used to go into the family room to watch TC.  Now, no one wants to leave.    - B.M.

Updated kitchen design • island layout •

kitchen as a gathering place 

We had decided to remodel, even though our plans were to be in this home for only four or five more years,  


Now, neither of us can ever imagine moving away.   - A.D.

When I work from home, I set up my office in the kitchen, simply because it is my favorite place.


Perhaps my designer could add a roll-out trundle bed to the cabinet line?  Then I would never have to leave the kitchen.     - R.G.

Kitchen remodel • cabinetry • family friendly kitchen 

What our clients are saying . . . 


We worked with Chris on our kitchen and downstairs remodel, and the results were all we hoped for.  He listened to our vision and made great suggestions that we would have never thought of on our own.


The visual plans he put together were great to get a real sense of what our space could transform into.    -James M. 

We had decided to remodel, even though our plans were to be in this home for only four or five more years,  


Now, neither of us can ever imagine moving away.   - A.D.

My home is now free of congestion and clutter, and people have room to move around.  I not only got a beautiful space, but the icing on the cake is the sense of ease and relaxation that I have never dreamed I could have in a home.  Because of the care put into the design process, my home fits me like a glove.  I'm tickled pink!       - S.A.

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We agree with the consensus positive praise-worthy HOUZZ reviews of Chris Ely. He is experienced and capable, and he is especially passionate about project design and the build to customer satisfaction.  [...]


We received excellent economic value as our home is updated and more attractive to future buyers. Many thanks to Chris and his team - we look forward to enjoying our home for years to come.    -Dean and Sarah H.

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Chris has been helping us with our home for a year. At first it was just the kitchen. Then it became the dining room. Once those projects were complete, we are now working on the living room.


I told Chris – he needs to change his name – because he does so much more than kitchens.    - Julie J.

I really enjoyed working with Chris to make some changes to my kitchen. He immediately grasped what my hopes and tastes were, and he made a number of excellent suggestions for things that I would not have thought of myself. 


He also encouraged me to take things a step at a time instead of planning every step all at once – so that I could assess the effect as it went along. Thank you Chris!                  - Jane T.

We hired Chris to help us ‘see’ what was possible for a kitchen & laundry remodel plus the addition of a half-bath in our 1974 ranch house.


So, to have someone come in, present some ideas & discuss the pros and cons, plus the importance of ergonomics and the building code – this was enlightening and empowering. I thought it was weird that inspected the whole house, not just the kitchen and laundry!! Thank goodness for this “big picture” approach to solving problems!!          - Cynthia L

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