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Project:  Bright Road Makeover

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Bright Road Makeover

The old, original ranch home was given a new lease on life; enlarged with a sunroom and enhanced with all new finishes and fixtures - all in the Craftsman style.

The new open plan is the opposite of the old compartmentalized home.


Experiential Success - Our client's view

"We thought we could redesign our dated ranch house ourselves – NOT!! When we found Chris, we knew we had found a match made in Heaven! He has all the right credentials; he has all the modern technology; but most importantly, Chris has the passion to dig deep to design exactly what his clients want.


We LOVED Chris’s drawings so much we stuck to the original design with almost every detail. The result: together we created an amazing light-filled home that has everyone literally stunned!!  I’m quoting, “we turned the ugly duckling into a beautiful swan!”.  Thank you Chris for a home we plan to enjoy for many years!"           -- V.A.

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